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Digital Marketing Solutions

With the evolution of the internet into today’s primary vehicle for communication, information and commerce, reaching the online community is more important than ever. With new technologies being developed every day, Sterling Integrated Marketing can help you navigate through your digital marketing options and reach your target audience both quickly and cost effectively. Sterling Integrated Marketing has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a successful and sustainable online business strategy.

Email Campaigns
A prospecting email campaign is an easy and cost effective way to reach a responsive audience quickly. But, how can you find your best prospects, avoid spam filters and maintain CAN-SPAM compliance? Our vast experience in the areas of strategy, messaging, best practices and technology create predictable success from your very first email campaign.

Email Append
Let us append email addresses to your customer file to increase your reach with your customer base.  We can append and return emails to you for future campaigns or match and deploy your campaign quickly and cost effectively.

Mobile Marketing
Our mobile marketing solutions can dynamically deliver both standard text (SMS) and multi-media (MMS) messages, as well as provide detailed reporting for immediate campaign analysis. Our mobile marketing campaigns provide vertical lift in your DM campaign results by targeting the industry’s most responsive opt in wireless database.




Direct Marketing Solutions

Direct marketing is a highly effective and measurable marketing tool when done the right way. Whether you are looking to find new customers or even find more profitability in your current customer base, we have a solution for you. Our client-centered and consultative approach enables us to consistently select the appropriate mix of data and services that are the best fit for your marketing needs.

Industry Solutions
Our mailing list and sales lead generation solutions have helped many businesses across all industries find new customers and grow their existing business. With Industry Solutions for Agencies, Automotive, Mortgage, Insurance, Financial and Non-Profit just to name a few, we have the data you need, when you need it.

Targeted Mailing Lists
Sound data recommendations and an innovative offer strategy are the keys to any successful direct marketing campaign. With our cost effective access to virtually every data file available today, we’ll help you reach your best prospects, increase your response rate, and maximize your ROI. You can rest assured that every recommendation our experienced marketing professionals make is unbiased, based solely on your specific business need.

With our Data Analysis Services, we can transform your current customer data into actionable business marketing intelligence. We’ll enrich your current data, analyze it and help you create an action plan meant to deliver maximum results. From basic Customer Profiling, Segmentation, Descriptive and Predictive Modeling to Custom Modeling Applications, our team has the experience to craft the best solution for your needs and budget.

Data Solutions

Sterling Integrated Marketing has a comprehensive suite of data service solutions designed to increase efficiency, decrease your marketing costs and minimize waste. Leveraging our best in class data hygiene solutions and our multi-source technology puts your data to work for your business.

Data Enhancement
Understanding the characteristics, lifestyles and behaviors of your customers and prospects is essential for managing your customer relationships. Our Data Enhancement Services can help you increase response rates and revenue, reduce your marketing expenses, maximize the value of each customer and reduce customer churn.

Data Hygiene
Our Data Hygiene Solutions allow you to improve the address quality and deliverability of your customer file reducing the number of undesirable candidates from your database and eliminating wasted postage. Our Data Hygiene Services include NCOA, PCOA, CASS, LACS and DSF processing.

Phone Append/Reverse Phone Append
Maintaining accurate telephone data can decrease or eliminate wasted time and effort spent on dialing incorrect phone numbers during marketing campaigns. Services include Phone Append, Reverse Phone Append, Address Append, Name Append and Area Code Correction and Replacement.

Custom Data Processing
Bring us your complex data challenges. Our turnkey data processing capabilities ensure that your processing needs are met on time and within your budget. Data Processing Services include Merge/Purge, Geo Coding, and Nth Selection and Custom Data Processing.

Suppression Processing
Our Suppression Processing Services can help you maintain compliance with privacy laws and regulations and dramatically increase your response rates by eliminating undesirable candidates and low responders from your database. Suppression Processing Services include FTC Phone Suppression, Wireless Phone Suppression, State Attorney General Phone Suppression and DMA Phone Suppression, DMA Mail Suppression, Email Suppression, Deceased Suppression, Prison Suppression, Bankruptcy Suppression, Geo Suppression and Underage Suppression.

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